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Unilock Pavers and Retaining Walls

Our Unilock products deliver on style because our technologies allow us to make the most unique products on the market. EnduraColor Plus is the defining difference when it comes to superior wear resistance and color longevity. EnduraColor Plus is not a coating or secondary treatment, but rather a proprietary blended layer of nature’s highest performing minerals (which never fade) that have been embedded right into the surface of each stone during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the surface will not fade, crack, peel or delaminate, and the beauty of your project will last a lifetime.

Unilock Pavers and Retaining Walls

For over 40 years, Unilock has been dedicated to the future of landscape design by investing in style and technology. That is one of the reason that we’ve been industry leaders of such a long period of time. We’ve dedicated so much of our time and resources because at Unilock, we feel your space outdoors should connect to your home with a seamless design. It should come at no surprise that families, businesses, and industries are choosing to work with Unilock because we are paving the way to a brighter future with educated architects, craftsmen, and designers. Anyone who has recommended Unilock pavers is sure to say the same.

Unilock wants to inspire you to design your home projects with greatness in mind. Rivercrest wall and Town Hall pavers are some of Unilock’s latest and greatest innovations and we’re confident that you’ll immediately know how to make them shine in your project.

Welcomed entrances and warm walkways are not something that is exclusive to the inside of your home, here at Unilock we believe that the outside should be just as beautiful as the inside of your house. We work tirelessly to bring quality products to your home so that you can achieve greatness.

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Our world class production facilities are renowned for their safety and cleanliness and are staffed with the most experienced production people in the industry. When held, touched and viewed side by side, Unilock products look and feel different, and set the standard for quality.
Every Unilock Product is :

  • Durable
  • Made with colorfast pigments
  • Slip resistant
  • Resistant to salt erosion
  • Designed to tolerate oil and gas spills
  • Backed by our transferable lifetime guarantee

Some other noteable historic Unilock storylines:

  • ’73 1st plant in Barrie, Ontario
  • ’74 introduced original Uni-Stone (zig-zag shape) to North America
  • ’83 introduced first circle paver system
  • ’91 Uni Eco-Stone introduced – 1st official permeable paver
  • ’93 Brussels Block – 1st tumbled paver that revolutionized the industry
  • still today the best tumbled paver available
  • ’95 Brussels Dimensional – 1st tumbled wall system
  • ’04 Courtstone, Copthorne, and Richcliff introduced
  • ’07 Umbriano – 1st product to have color fusion for unique granite like appearance
  • ’08 Belpasso – featuring Titan Tec surface protection – 1st paver to prevent dirt, oil and gum from permanently staining surface
  • ’09 Unilock Element introduced – 1st pre built modular units are launched taking outdoor living to a new level
  • ’12 Town Hall – 1st permeable paver replicating historic street pavers
As noted, Unilock has been the leader and innovator in the Paver industry for over 40 years!

We work hard to bring you the best selection of quality products and support because we believe that the outside of your home should be as beautiful, functional and welcoming as the inside of your home. Unilock’s manufacturing teams have an unrelenting commitment to shipping only top quality products. Our lifetime guarantee has been part of our company for the past 40 years.
We stand behind every stone we make – just ask our customers about our award winning service.

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