Landscape Fabric

You’ll love how our landscape fabrics can transform your garden or yard. Landscape fabrics helps you maintain healthy landscaping that is free of weeds. Porous enough to ensure the passage of water and nutrients to your soil, this fabric is made out of strong non-woven spunbound polypropylene that blocks weeds from growing.

Suggested Uses:

•Weed Control
•Planter and Pot Drainage
•Under Wood Decks
•Timber Retaining Walls
•Blind Drains
•Brick or Block Patios and Walks
•Interceptor Trench Drains

You can use landscape fabrics as an effective weed blocker in landscaped beds. As a liner for planters, you’ll find that it improves soil drainage without soil loss. Or try it as a weed blocker under wooden decks — its permeability eliminates troublesome water puddling underneath, which in turn minimizes mildew and odor problems.

Our landscape fabric is designed to last years and give your landscape  a professionally sculpted look with minimal effort.

Our Landscape Fabric is a 3.5 oz Superior Quality Product. We stock the following sizes :

  • 3’x50’
  • 3’x100’
  • 4’x100’
  • 3’x300’
  • 4’x300’
  • 6’x300’
  • 8’x300
  • 9’x300’
  • 12’x300’

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