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3 Ways to Use Limestone in Your Garden

Incorporating natural stone into a diverse garden landscape can add a lot of depth and dimension to your yard. It’s easy to liven up any space by adding fresh-cut limestone and naturally-shaped limestone rocks to create the desired effect. There are plenty of creative ways to use limestone when decorating your garden. Whether you want a natural river-rock look, or you want to add some geometry to your yard with square pathways, you can always use limestone to your advantage when freshening up your garden with a new look.

1. Border Off Your Garden

You can add a limestone border to your garden by stacking limestone blocks around its edges. Creating a border around your garden can help to separate your space from the other parts of your yard, and it will also prevent your plants from growing over into other areas. By stacking limestones around the garden, you can create a natural-yet-manmade look that makes the colors pop.

2. Connect Flagstones

You can create a walkway using limestone flagstones, which will create a beautiful natural path around your yard. You can connect large flagstone pieces to make the pathway themselves, or you can use limestone to edge the border while filling in the path with other materials, such as:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Limestone Chips
  • Artificial Grass

The fun thing about creating a limestone path is that you can mix and match the colors of the materials you use to build the path. Remember that touch of vibrancy can add character to your yard.

3. Add an Ancient Boulder

You can add large limestone boulders to your yard for a beautiful, rustic look. An ancient boulder will certainly be the focal point of your yard, which can also provide some functionality if it is large enough to sit on. Boulders imitate the beauty of nature, and that can easily be incorporated into any part of your yard. You can add plants around the boulder to soften its edges; that way, it will look like it has a natural place in your garden.

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