You Don’t Have to Give Up on Your Garden in the Winter

Late Fall and Early Winter Tips for the New Jersey Gardener

While some local homeowners have winterized their yards and take a hands-off approach through the late fall and throughout the winter, other gardeners realize that late fall and winter actually offer many opportunities for maintenance and improvement of the garden and yard. We have collected some of our favorite tips for cool-weather gardeners.

Want to extend your vegetable garden harvest into early winter?

It starts with your choice of plants. Some plants are very well-suited to an extended harvest time, including: carrots, beets, Jerusalem artichokes, parsley, bok choy, many lettuce varietals, cabbages, and turnips. If you want to extend your harvest season, it is important to protect the roots from the dangers of a deep freeze; you can use a thick layer of straw as a mulch to keep those roots warm! You can also use tunnels to extend the gardening season. Whether you choose high tunnels or low tunnels depends on your crop variety as well as personal preference, and might be impacted by homeowner association rules and regulations. However, fall is a great time to install those tunnels, to extend the life of your winter crops, and allow you to plant your spring crops at an earlier time.

Fall gets its whimsical name because of all of the falling leaves. It can be tempting to leave fallen leaves on the ground until the springtime, but it is actually important to remove any large accumulations of leaves, because they can provide a great breeding ground or home for pests. Smaller accumulations can provide critical nutrients for the lawn or garden, but should be shredded to a smaller size in order to aide in decomposition. Leaves can also be shredded and used as mulch in vegetable gardens and flower beds.

November – Perfect Time To Take Care Of Lawns Needs

November is also the perfect time to take care of your lawn’s needs. Many people apply lime and fertilizer in the late fall, so that your lawn can combine the fertilizer and the slow melt of winter moisture to grow lush in the springtime. It is a good idea to have your lawn tested in the fall, in order to see what the soil needs to thrive.

Late Fall – Great Time For Planting

Late fall is also a great time for planting. This is the time of year to plant bulbs if you want to see gorgeous flowers in the spring. It is also a wonderful time to plant many deciduous trees and shrubs, with the added bonus that many nurseries will be offering them at deeply discounted prices. Just remember that, even if they appear dormant, new plantings need an adequate water supply.

Winter – Perfect Time For Weeding

Finally, winter is the perfect time for weeding. Weeding now can keep weeds from multiplying in the spring, making the task much easier than if you delay!

At New Jersey Sand and Gravel, we know that a beautiful lawn is a year-round commitment, and we are here to meet all of your fall and winter lawn-care needs.


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