What is Pool Coping?

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Pool coping is not learning how to cope with your new pool. When you hear the term pool coping during a pool and patio renovation process in New Jersey, the term does not refer to psychological adaptation to having a beautiful swimming pool. Pool coping refers to the transitional surface at the edge of the pool—basically the edge of the pool. If you just swam a few laps and need to take a breather, you will come up for air while hanging on to the edge of the pool. What you grab is the coping. Public pools and other inexpensive builds usually have concrete coping, which is solid but rough to the touch.

Why Consider Pool coping

Another way of considering pool coping is to imagine this: a raw hole is dug into the ground and water is poured into it. Technically, you have a pool, but the edges will be stark, rough, and even sharp. Pool coping is the nice smooth, slightly rounded edges of concrete or flagstone. In many cases, pool designers create coping with overhangs or lips that create a contoured effect. Well-designed coping allows you and your guests to grab hold of the edge without coming into contact with bear, rough, unfinished concrete. The right pool coping can also make a pool appear bigger or smaller, as well as show off the light and colors in the pool design. Pool coping can be considered the lipstick of the swimming pool.

Types Of Pool Coping

The types of pool coping vary and the optimal type of coping depends on the material used to surface the pool. Poured concrete, flagstone, and natural stone are three of the most common types of pool coping. You can have pool coping made of travertine, marble, or anything else your heart desires. Some pool coping creates an overhanging lip, whereas others run flush with the wall of the pool. Ideally you can consult with a pool design specialist to optimize the aesthetics of the coping for your pool.

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