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Travertine & Marble Steps

Travertine and Marble are cut with a saw to specific rectangular shapes, and then tumbled or sandblasted to create an exterior natural stone paver. They can be used to enhance the beauty of many residential or commercial projects, including: patios, walkways, pool decks, court yards, sidewalks, and interior floors. The types of Travertine and Marble that are available include many different colors, textures, and sizes of stones quarried throughout the world. We carry a large selection of Travertine and Marble.

The use of Travertine and Marble in exterior applications is reminiscent of architectural design that you might see in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South America, and the South East and South West of the United States. In recent years the use of these materials in the North East has become widespread. Before using these stones in a climate subject to a Winter freeze, you should weight the pros and cons. There are materials available that will hold up better in the long run, in this climate, than Travertine and Marble. There is however, nothing else that looks quite like Travertine and Marble. That being said, if you decide to use these products on your job, we would recommend the following:

We have seen better results with a dry set application, rather than a mortared one. The stones can be laid in a bed of coarse sand over a base of compacted dense graded aggregate or a concrete slab. The joints can be filled with coarse sand or polymeric sand. This method allows the stones to move in freeze/ thaw conditions. This method decreases the chances that stones crack or crumble when subjected to movement caused by expansion and contraction. It also makes it easier to replace any stones that may fail.

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