The Different Types of Stone Veneer

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Looking for an affordable, durable, easy-to-use exterior surface for your next landscaping or building project? Consider stone veneer. Stone veneer can be used on interior or exterior vertical walls and surfaces.

Natural Stone Veneer

There are two types of stone veneer. Natural stone veneer is composed of thin stones, usually less than 1-inch thick, which are made from naturally occurring stones. Natural stone veneers can be quarried or fieldstone. They are cut to a uniform thickness and weight, so that they can be used as a layer or covering.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneer is a manufactured stone created from concrete colored with oxides. Because it is composed of concrete, it is lighter than naturally occurring stone. It is also available in a greater range of colors because the colors are created and do not have to naturally occur in local quarries or in local fieldstone. You may hear manufactured stone veneer referred to in a variety of ways, including: faux stone, flexible stone veneer, stacked stone veneer, manufactured stone.

Why is Manufactured Veneer An Ideal Building Material?

Why is manufactured veneer an ideal building material? It is not only far less expensive than natural stone, but it also environmentally-friendly because manufactured stone veneers require no quarrying. Because it is lightweight, it is easy to use, and does not require any additional structural supports. It is easy to apply and works well in a variety of different applications. Finally, the wide range of colors mean that it works well with other parts of large-scale projects.

Drawbacks Of Manufactured Stone Veneer

However, there are some drawbacks to manufactured stone veneer as a building material. If you redo the project, stone veneer cannot be repurposed. It is not quite as durable as naturally-occurring stones, which can make it more prone to chipping or wear as it ages, especially if not maintained properly. Furthermore, if it does chip, it can be difficult to replace or repair any broken areas.

To find out more about stone veneer, contact one of the experts at New Jersey Gravel & Sand; they are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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