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Looking for a great selection of stone, gravel, and sand; exemplary customer service; and competitive prices?  Then make a short trip from Staten Island to New Jersey Gravel and Sand, for some of the New York/ New Jersey area’s best stone services.  While our yard might be located in New Jersey, we have been providing high-quality on-site services for our Staten Island customers for years.

What makes New Jersey Gravel and Sand stand out from the competition?  Well, we believe that a stone yard is only as good as its stone cutters, and we are happy to employ some of the best artisan stone cutters in the business.  While our stone cutters are experts at creating the common cuts one sees in building applications, such as countertops or table tops, their real skill is evident when they are working on custom pieces.  In these custom applications, our customers can see how our stone cutters bring out the natural beauty of the stone, while maximizing its durability for a wide variety of applications.

Products Serviced in Staten Island NY

  • Limestone
  • Custom Stone Fabrication
  • Pool Coping
  • Sills
  • Building Stone
  • Coping
  • Sandstone
  • Wall Stone

One of our most popular stones is Bluestone.  Generally sourced from Pennsylvania Bluestone, this stone is familiar to anyone who has grown up in or visited the northeast.  It is a blue-gray stone that frequently features highlights or undertones of other colors including tans, rusts, and reds.  It has a look that we often associate with a colonial look, like one might find in the historic sections of Philadelphia.  This colonial look can offer a high-end look to even basic building applications, which is why Bluestone is so popular in such a wide variety of indoor and outdoor building uses.

Allan block New york Chestnut
Earthblend Allan Block NY
Chilton Allan Block NY
Tahoe Allan Block NY

Pennsylvania Bluestone

One of the common uses for Bluestone is in treads.  As the word tread suggests, treads are pieces of stone often used for walking.  You find them in stairs, landings, hearths, and coping.  However, treads can have decorative applications as well, and you may find these flat, stable pieces of stone used in hearths, mantles, and caps, as well. At New Jersey Gravel and Sand, we stock a variety of commonly used tread sizes, but we can also cut treads to meet your particular building needs.  In addition, while our pre-cut treads are in Bluestone, we can work with you to create treads from any stone you desire.

Another look that is popular with our Staten Island customers is flagstone.  Like Bluestone, flagstone offers a classic colonial appearance that blends well with a variety of different architecture and styles.  We offer a range of flagstones for different applications, in both natural cuts and paver styles, and in a wide variety of colors.

Many of our customers want the look of stone, without the expense of newly constructed stone surfaces or the hassle of having to retrofit existing structures so that they can support stones.  Stone veneer is thin (usually an inch), lightweight stone that can be used in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

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