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Redoing your home or landscape?  If so, New Jersey Gravel and Sand, which services all of Long Island, has the great customer service, the competitive pricing, and the fantastic selection of stone you want in a stone yard.

We think if you try New Jersey Gravel and Sand, you will immediately see a difference between us and our competitors.  We believe that stonework should be a mix between craftsmanship and artisanship, and it shows in our selection of stone cutters.  Our stone cutting experts can create the standard looks you can find for countertop or table top installations.  However, they can also go beyond standard cuts to create innovative, custom looks for interior and exterior installations.

Products Serviced in Long Island NY

  • Limestone
  • Custom Stone Fabrication
  • Pool Coping
  • Sills
  • Building Stone
  • Coping
  • Sandstone
  • Wall Stone

While our customers come to us for a wide variety of regional favorites and unusual stones, one of our most popular products is Bluestone.  Even if you do not know the stone by name, you are undoubtedly familiar with the blue-gray stone that composes some of the city’s most historic buildings as well as bringing a classic feel to even modern building.  While there are two types of Bluestone, Pennsylvania and Shenandoah Valley, the Pennsylvania variety, which is sourced locally in Pennsylvania and New York, is more familiar to people in the northeast.  This stone, which is predominantly blue-gray, also features flecks of tans, rusts, and reds.

Allan block New york Chestnut
Earthblend Allan Block NY
Chilton Allan Block NY
Tahoe Allan Block NY

Pennsylvania Bluestone

You have probably encountered Bluestone in stone pieces known as treads.  Treads are familiar to people from staircases and landings.  However, while these flat, smooth stones lend themselves to walking applications, hence the name tread, they can also be used in hearths, mantles, caps, and as coping.  While you can have treads in a variety of stones, Bluestone is most commonly used.  At New Jersey Gravel and Sand, we carry a variety of standard tread sizes, in the most frequently used combinations of widths, lengths, and depths.  Of course, we can also prepare custom-sized treads for your building project.

Flagstone is another area favorite.  Whether you are looking for the precision of patterned flagstone pavers or the natural look of irregular flagstone slabs, we offer a large selection of enduring flagstone options.  Best of all, our tremendous color selection means you will find flagstone that enhances your décor.

What if you want the look of stone, without some of the expense or difficulty associated with stone installations?  Then we suggest looking at stone veneer.  Made of natural or composite stone, veneers are thin, light-weight stones that can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces without additional structural support.  They are a great way to change the look of your home or garden without structural remodeling.

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