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Have you found yourself admiring some stone work in Hudson County, and then been surprised to find out that a New Jersey company did the work?  You are not the first person to be surprised by the fact that one of Hudson County’s premiere stone yards is actually located in New Jersey.  Why are people from Hudson County happy to make the short trip to New Jersey for New Jersey Gravel and Sand?  Customer service, low prices, and great products and services are just a few of the reasons that we are worth the drive!

When you ask our customers why they love us, do not be surprised when some of them answer, “affordability.”  While low cost is not a phrase you typically associate with stone work, New Jersey Gravel and Sand has developed a reputation for providing affordable products and services for our customers.  One of those products is stone veneer, which allows you to capture the look of stone work at a fraction of the cost of stone installations.  Stone veneer, which can be made of composite stone or natural rock, is a thin, lightweight type of stone that can be applied to existing surfaces without additional structural support.  It allows you to create a stone project without many of the costs associated with stone.

Serviced in Hudson County NY

  • Limestone
  • Custom Stone Fabrication
  • Pool Coping
  • Sills
  • Building Stone
  • Coping
  • Sandstone
  • Wall Stone

We are also able to provide affordable, competitive pricing on another local favorite, Bluestone.  You may not know the name of the stone, but you have seen the gray-blue stone that lends a colonial look to some of Hudson County’s most gorgeous homes and gardens.  While there are two varieties of Bluestone, Pennsylvania, and Shenandoah Valley, we locally source the Pennsylvania variety, which not only offers attractive rust, tan, and red variations, but also the financial advantages that come with being quarried nearby.

Allan block New york Chestnut
Earthblend Allan Block NY
Chilton Allan Block NY
Tahoe Allan Block NY

Pennsylvania Bluestone

We are also a price leader on another local favorite: flagstone.  Whether you are seeking the informal feel of large slabs of flagstone used in a natural setting, or the quiet elegance of structured flagstone pavers, we have a huge selection at affordable prices.

Looking for a great, small stone project with a big impact?  Then you may want to look at treads.  Treads, which you most commonly encounter on stair steps and landings, actually have a number of applications including: hearths, mantles, caps, and coping.  We have a wide selection of standard-sized treads cut from Bluestone, and can custom-cut treads in other sizes or materials.

Of course, with stonework, a great selection is only the first part.  You also have to have excellent stone-cutters, who can bring out the natural beauty of the stone, whether working on piece for a standard installation or a custom piece of work.  At New Jersey Gravel and Sand, we are confident that our stonecutters are among the area’s best.

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