Rock-It Natural Stone is a company based out of Oklahoma. They mine stone from over 22 licensed and bonded quarries in 3 different states. They offer a full line of natural stone with Natural Thin Veneer being their specialty. Their Natural Stone colors are very unique with a different look from stone that is mined in the east. The best news is that the stone is extremely affordable and is actually less expensive than their east coast competitors. We are 1 of 2 distributors for Rock-It in New Jersey.

Rock It Rustic Ranch

Rock-It Rustic Ranch

Rock-It Lueders Buff

Rock-It Lueders Buff

Rock-It Lueders Gray

Rock-It Lueders Gray

Rock-It Choctaw Light / Dark

Rock-It Choctaw Light / Dark

Rock-It Farmers Brown / Blue (Highland)

Rock-It Farmers Brown / Blue (Highland)

Rock-It Dakota Blend

Rock-It Dakota Blend

Rock-It Choctaw Dark

Rock-It Choctaw Dark

Rock-It Farmers Brown

Rock-It Farmers Brown

Rock-It Choctaw Light

Rock-It Choctaw Light

Rock-It Lueders Buff/Gray

Rock-It Farmers Blue

Rock-It Farmers Blue

Rock-It 70% Dakota Blend /  30% Choctaw Light / Dark

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