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Pool coping.  It is one of those things you probably do not think much about, unless you are currently installing a pool or looking to give your existing pool an upgrade in style and function.  It is then that you find out that the edge of the pool, where it transitions from pool to the ground level is called coping. Coping can be plain concrete, which is the most affordable option and is incredibly durable.  However, you can also use coping to enhance the natural beauty of your pool.  If you go that route, you will find that there are many more options for pool coping than you ever would have imagined!

At New Jersey Gravel and Sand, we are happy to offer a variety of beautiful options for pool coping.  The three most common types of pool coping are: flagstone, natural stone, and poured concrete.  Poured concrete is easy to find, because it is a natural extension of the pool-building process.  It is functional, it can be dyed to look attractive, and it withstands wear.  However, many people love the look of flagstone, which can help transform the look of your pool into a natural oasis.  Other people like an even more eye-catching option.  Natural stone coping can be created from almost any type of natural stone, though hardy stones that are not overly slippery when wet, such as travertine and marble, are the most common choices.

Coping does more than add visual interest to your pool design.  It can make your pool appear larger or smaller, and even change the reflection of light and the appearance of color in the pool.  It may be flush with the wall of the pool, or it may overhang the surface, depending on your preference.  We work with you and your pool designer or refinisher to help bring your vision of your pool to life, by helping you select the right stones for the look and purpose that you want.  Contact New Jersey Gravel and Sand today to learn how we can help you build the pool of your dreams.

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