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Plastic Edging

Elite-Edge (Technical Specs)
A premium blend of polyethylene gives this lawn edging its superior flexibility, strength and resistance to weathering. Elite – Edge features a height of 5″ from top to bottom a longer V-lip to help prevent frost heave and a 1″ round top bead. Each 20ft section weighs 6 lbs.

  • Item #
  • Packaging
    5 pieces/bundle (100ft)
    4 Steel Stakes per piece
    1 Connector per piece
  • Description
    Lawn Edging 20ft sections
    1″ Round Top Bead
    5″ Tall, 6.0 lbs per strip


  1. Lay a garden hose or rope on the ground in a general outline of the shape of your planting bed. With a straight edge spade, make a trench (approximately 4″deep) following the outline of the hose or rope.
  2. If installing more than one piece of edging, connect pieces using “overlap method” and knurled connector.
  3. Place edging in trench with the V-lip in the ground, toward the planting side of the bed (the round top is the only part that should be above ground).
  4. Pound stakes flange pointed downward and toward the grass side, through the edging at a 45-degree angle, just above the V-lip portion. Use stakes at curves and connections, spaced evenly through out.
  5. Tightly pack soil around both sides of the edging and install weed fabric and ground cover (rock, mulch, etc.) up to the round top of the edging.

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