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Have You Considered Belgian Block From a New Jersey Natural Stone Supplier?

Available in a number of different colors, Belgian Block consists of brick shaped pavers that benefit from chiseled sides. Because of the variety of sizes and colors on offer, Belgian Block can be laid in intricate designs to create some beautiful visual effects. We stock a full selection of Belgian Block colors and sizes, enabling both residential customers and commercial contractors to obtain the stone they need for their project in one, straight-forward order.

Competitive Pricing on Belgian Block

Cost is always a priority to our customers, which is why we do everything we can to keep prices low, without ever compromising on quality. If you want a particular shape for your blocks, we have the specialist stone cutting equipment needed to get the job done, greatly increasing the number of projects for which our Belgian Block would be the perfect solution. It’s ideal to use instead of traditional cobblestones, as well as for driveways, paved areas, terraces or patios, edging, borders, walkways and many other similar projects.

Setts Are Easier to Install Than Many Other Paving Solutions

Because the blocks are smaller, there’s more flexibility with the shape and dimensions of the paving than would be the case if larger blocks were employed. It also means that it’s possible to create a beautiful paved area in a relatively small space – a significant advantage if your accommodation only has a tiny yard or garden.

New Jersey Company That Offers Exceptional Service and Superb Quality Belgian Block

We are a leading supplier of aggregates, pavers and many other natural stone products in the New Jersey area. With decades of trading behind us, we feel that our blend of friendly, obliging customer service and high-grade, affordable products explain why we’re the provider of choice for a growing number of contractors and homeowners in the area. To find out more about our Belgian Block or any of our other products, or to place an order, call us at (732) 938-5252.

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