Back Yard Winter Tips

Back Yard Winter Tips: What to do this Fall to Help Your Yard Look Good in the Spring

While many of us are enjoying the gorgeous changing leaves and fall foliage, what you may not realize is that it is the perfect time of year to begin winterizing your backyard. In New Jersey, where winter means snow, winterizing means getting things that are in the yard into storage until the threat of snow is gone.

Once you have done your yard for the last time for the season, it is time to put your tools away. You do not have to buy expensive cleaners; you can dip hand tools such as spades, shovels, trowels, and shears in motor oil to clean them and keep them lubricated till spring.

Back Yard Winter TipsDo not forget the hoses. Leaving hoses outside for the winter exposes them to freeze/thaw cycles that can really degrade them. Instead, remove your hoses from your faucets, drain them, and store them from the season. Think you might need access to a hose before the winter is over? Use an inexpensive hose on one faucet and keep it available for use.

Many of us have portable backyard pools that we put up for the season. These pools can be taken down, cleaned, and stored until next summer. In-ground pools can be closed for the season; consult your pool care professional for instructions on how to close your pool for the season.

Outdoor lawn furniture, can be moved inside of garages, sheds, or cellars for the season. Before storing furniture, you want to thoroughly clean it, to keep any dirt from turning into a permanent stain by next spring. If you do not have the inside space to store them, you can find covers to fit them and protect them from the elements over the winter season, but should still remove any cushions and store them inside.

Like outdoor furniture, you want to move portable barbeque pits and grills inside, unless you are one of those people who likes to grill year-round. Then move your grill to a location where you can safely continue to grill and invest in a grill cover. One word of caution- if your grill runs on propane, do not store your propane inside, because propane tanks are an explosion risk.

Some people will tell you to throw out your potted annuals, throw out the soil, store your pots, and wait until next year. Depending on what you have growing in your pots, we completely disagree with that advice. Some potted plants make a lovely transition to temporary houseplants for the winter. Just make sure to debug the plants before bringing them inside your home, in order to avoid pest problems over the winter.

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